WGMD Fishing Report 3-14-15


Wednesday was another nice day and it looks like Thursday will be even better.

Ice House Bait and Tackle sent me a report late on Tuesday that the Bobby Smith family fished the Broadkill River with bloodworms and caught some short rockfish and one keeper.

I am getting good reports from Pirate’s Cove and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on giant bluefin tuna.  A friend of mine fished on the Backlash out of the Fishing Center and brought in a giant bluefin.  A boat out of Pirate’s Cove had a 650 pounder.

The way the bluefin regulations read, you can keep one giant per season per boat.  You can play catch and release with as many as you can handle.

I have caught a few of these big fish and I can tell you they will wear you out real quick.  The ones I caught were on 130-pound gear with a 400-pound top shot.  The idea is to keep the fish from taking more than that top shot.  I was strapped into a fighting chair and the captain and mate worked as hard as I did.  I will say it is an exciting experience.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report


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