WGMD Fishing Report 3-25-18


Saturday was a reasonably good day with a high temperature near 50 degrees and a wind that dropped off to a gale.  I decided to go back to my old stomping grounds over to Laurel and give the spillway below Records Pond a try.

There were two gentlemen fishing on the pier when I arrived.  One was eating Cheerios out of the box and the other was working on a fried chicken leg.  Neither had caught a fish.  They both had their bait on the bottom at the spillway end of the pier.  I believe they were fishing with earthworms.

To stay out of the way I took up station at the other end of the pier and tried my luck at the mouth of the small creek that feeds into the spillway.  Drifting my worm under a bobber proved as unproductive as fishing on the bottom.  There were plenty of herring in the spillway, but they are off limits here.

Next I went to Phillips Landing where two more anglers were fishing from shore with the same results I had seen in Laurel.  I did see more eagles here than I have ever seen in Delaware.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.