WGMD Fishing Report 3-4-18

Baker Petroleum

With the current weather conditions fishing is all but impossible.  Another problem is the hard and cold northwest wind will lower water temperatures in the ocean and bay that are just now beginning to recover from the heard freeze at the start of the year.  How much this will delay the return of fishing in these two bodies of water is dependent on the weather next week.

Tog season remains open until the end of March, but we need water temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s before these fish will begin to feed.  Divers have told me tog will find a secure hole and lie down until the water temperature rises to the liking.  Most fish, like striped bass will pack up and move until the find the best water temperature, but tog seldom leave their particular wreck or reef.

Cold water may also delay the striped bass spawn in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay.  This in turn will delay the arrival of post-spawn rockfish to our beaches and inshore waters.  It looks like a late start to our fishing seasons.

This is Eric Burnley with you WGMD fishing report.