WGMD Fishing Report 3-8-18


The only thing that could have made Wednesday worst would have been snow instead of rain.  As it was, I don’t think anyone would have gone fishing in the nasty conditions we did have.

To the best of my knowledge, there are still no head boats and only one charter boat running out of Indian River and only the Fisherman Wharf head boats running out of Lewes.  The captains I have spoken with don’t expect to be back in the water until late March or early April.

Water temperatures in the bay and ocean remain in the low 40s so they have a ways to go before reaching above the 50 degree mark where I like to see them before doing any serious saltwater fishing.  I fear they won’t get there before Delaware’s tog season ends on March 31, but if they do we could have a few shots at the end of this month.

Freshwater fishing may not be your first love, but that looks to be the only game in town for a while.  There are plenty of ponds to try and they all hold fish.

This is Eric Burnley with you WGMD fishing report.