WGMD Fishing Report

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Sunday was not a day to go fishing.  If you did, God bless.  Monday does not look much better in the morning, but is supposed to lay out during the afternoon.  The rest of the week looks good so we should be able to get back to fishing by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Maryland has closed striped bass fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries until August 31.  The reason for the closure is to prevent mortality from catch and release of stripers when the bay water temperature is at its highest level.  There is no question that warmer water leads to higher mortality when striped bass are caught and released so this is a good idea.

In other news, Virginia has decided not to permit a trophy tag for striped bass this year.  The Virginia Marine Resources Commission was considering a tag that could be purchased by recreational anglers allowing them to kill one striped bass over 35 inches.  That plan has now been scrapped.  To say there has been a major shift in Virginia’s fishery management would be a giant understatement.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.