WGMD Fishing Report 4-10-21


Saturday’s weather was much better than I expected.  The sun was out, there was no rain and while the breeze was out of the east, there was enough south in it to provide for a nice spring day.  Unfortunately, the fish in the ocean and bay did not cooperate with the many anglers who tried their luck.

Early last week I did get an exciting report from Fish OC’s Scott Lenox.  The crew of the Seek and Destroy found a slug of warm water in the Norfolk Canyon and decided to run down there and try for a tuna.  They didn’t find a tuna, but as they were pulling in their lines for the trip home a mako jumped on one of the lures and ten-year-old Parker Williams fought the big fish to the boat.  It turned out to be a 74-inch male mako and is now the first mako of the season in Ocean City.  According to Scott this is by far the earliest a mako has ever been caught out of Ocean City.  Late May or early June are more common times for makos in Maryland and Delaware.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.