WGMD Fishing Report 4-2-19


Monday was sunny, but cold and Tuesday and Wednesday don’t look much better.  Gale warnings are already up for Wednesday.

My friend Bob Baker called to pass on a good report from the bays behind the Barrier Islands of Virginia.  He said the flounder fishing has been good on the outgoing current.  Saturday will see high water around noon making for the best conditions for this fishery.

I spoke with Jerry Taylor at Taylored Tackle in Seaford and he said the blue catfish are active in the Nanticoke River and Broad Creek.  Cut bait such as bunker has been the best offering.  He also told me snakeheads are being caught from the same waters.  Large minnows fished under a bobber in shallow areas with lots of vegetation has been the ticket to catching these invasive species.  Circle hooks are now required for all bait fishing.

Had a report of big white perch caught from shore out of pools in the Saint Jones River south of Route 8 and Route 1.  Big bluegills were taken near the foot bridge over Silver Lake in Dover.  Sounds like light tackle fun.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report