WGMD Fishing Report 4-26-20


Saturday saw the best weather we have had in a long time.  Unfortunately, the good weather is only going to last one day and then it’s back to wind and rain for the next week.

Amanda at Lewes Harbour Marina said Julie Stevenson caught a keeper flounder out of the surf near Cape Henlopen on a clam.  Al Manning fished the Outer Wall with sand fleas and caught tog.

At Rick’s Bait and Tackle the report was short rockfish at Massey’s Ditch and tog at the Outer Wall on sand fleas.

I have seen photos of rockfish caught in nets out of the ocean, but have no reports of any caught on hook and line.  I know they will hit a net long before they will hit a hook, but the water temperature is in the mid-fifties so I should think a trolled plug, MOJO or drifted eel would find at least one willing taker.

As for when we will get back to normal, I think it will be awhile.  Governor Carney just closed schools for the rest of the year and Rehoboth has cancelled the Fourth of July fireworks.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.