WGMD Fishing Report 4-29-21


If ever there was a perfect day to go fishing it was Thursday, so I did.  We won’t talk about the weather for Friday and Saturday.

I arrived at Indian River Inlet around 7:00 AM.  The current was just beginning to run in and by the time I rigged up a shad dart behind a one-ounce Stingsilver the current was cooking.  Had a big hickory shad on my first cast and it was on.  I didn’t catch a fish on every cast, but it was close.  Lots of big shad, two herring and two bunker.  The inlet is alive with fish.  I feel certain there are huge striped bass under all that bait. 

As I was leaving, around 10:00 AM, a fellow who was fishing west of me walked up and asked what kind of fish he had just caught.  It was an eight-inch striped bass.

Amanda at Lewes Harbour Marina said the only fish she saw were some tog that came in on a private boat.

Burt at Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em said a few flounder have been caught in the Back Bays.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report.