WGMD Fishing Report 4-6-19


Friday was chilly and windy, but at least at my house the rain held off.  Saturday should see some good weather for Delaware’s big opening of trout season.

Amanda is back from Florida and started posting photos and fishing reports from Lewes Harbour Marina.  Rhett Watson managed to catch a citation worthy 1.29-pound crappie out of Clendaniels Pond.  Julia Mister had a nice catch of white perch to one-pound on Friday.

Lewes Ice House Bait and Tackle told us about four-year-old JC who caught a .94-pound white perch from the Broadkill River for a Delaware Youth Citation.

Lenny Rudlow’s fish report included information on the excellent run of snakeheads at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County, Maryland.  The best rig has been a large minnow fished one-foot under a bobber.  The action is so good that people are crowding the parking lots and boat ramps and, as always, some of these folks are pigs who leave trash giving all fishermen a bad name.  Please clean up after yourself and the pigs.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report