WGMD Fishing Report 5-1-19


Tuesday was absolutely beautiful so I decided to do some fishing.  Having reports of shad at Indian River Inlet I drove down in the afternoon to catch the incoming water and I was not disappointed.  There were several anglers on the northside under the bridge when I arrived and most were picking up shad.  I rigged up a spinning rod with a small spoon and a shad dart and was soon in on the action.  My first fish jumped off and I missed a few strikes, but had a ball catching some really nice hickory shad.  The fellow next to me caught a good-sized bluefish that would have been perfect for dinner, but he released it as he did all the shad he caught.  I did keep four shad, including a double header.  I plan to use two on Wednesday as flounder bait and freeze two for crab bait later in the year.

Amanda at Lewes Harbour Marina reported Carol Riccio caught a 3.2-pound flounder out of the Canal on a minnow.  Dick fished the pier for five blues.

Lewes Ice House said Alex and Jack had a limit of blues from Indian River on minnows.

This is Eric Burnley with you WGMD fishing Report


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