WGMD Fishing Report 5-1-21


Saturday was another windy day with small craft advisories up and boats tied to the dock or sitting on their trailers.  Unless you plan on fishing for tog, there is not much reason to get the boat wet until the water in the bay and the ocean warm up.

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle said the shad put on another great show at Indian River Inlet during incoming water.  As always, shad darts and small spoons did the trick with a small weight placed about six to eight inches ahead of the lure for casting and sinking ability.  As far as the surf, it was only sharks and skates.

A lot of people are anxious to catch a summer flounder, but unfortunately, the water is still way below their optimum temperature of 62 to 66 degrees.  In fact, the last water temperature I saw for the ocean was 53 degrees and the Delaware Bay was at 57 degrees.

It is going to take more time and less west wind to get the water temperature up to the flounder’s liking.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report.