WGMD Fishing Report 5-22-20


Thursday saw the continuation of the wind machine with small craft advisories up for the bay and ocean.  I have no idea when conditions will improve, but we are almost into June and the water temperature in Lewes and at the Delaware Lightship remains at 56 degrees.

I spoke with Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina and he said two guys did by bait early in the day, but he hasn’t seen them since.

At Old Inlet Bait and Tackle the report was very dirty water at the Inlet and in the surf as the rough conditions have stirred up the sand.  Even when the wind finally drops out it will take a couple of tide cycles before the water clears.

As of Thursday, Governor Carney had not opened charter and head boat operations.  Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia have all allowed their fishing industry to reopen under strict rules, but not in Delaware.  I have contacted my representative, but he did not sound hopeful that he could convince the governor to let the charter and head boats sail.  Of course, considering the current weather conditions, at least they are not missing many trips.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.