WGMD Fishing Report 5-26-19


Saturday was cool and breezy at the beach and Sunday will be hot a steamy.  Got to love Delaware weather.

The good news for today is the appearance of trout (weakfish) in a couple of locations in Delaware Bay.  Steve Smith at Smith Bait in Leipsic told me trout in the two to three-pound class were caught on jigs at 14-Foot Light.  He didn’t give me any colors, but back in the day a yellow bucktail with a purple worm was trout candy.  Dan’s Tackle Box said trout to 22 inches were caught from Broadkill Beach on cut chicken.  I moved to Virginia Beach in 1989 and when I came back in 2000 people were using chicken to catch fish.  I thought they had lost their minds and I still do.  Try peeler crab or Gulp! and save the chicken for dinner.

Rick’s Bait and Tackle told us flounder fishing in Rehoboth Bay is beginning to improve.  One of their customers fishing Massey’s Ditch from a boat landed a 4.8-pound flatfish.

This is Eric Burnley with you WGMD fishing Report