WGMD Fishing Report 5-9-22

A large orange ball appeared in the eastern sky on Monday morning and the younger folks were so afraid. The older heads comforted them and said, “Fear not, for this is the sun. It is a good thing and will warm the waters. If the darn wind will ever stop blowing, we may once again catch fish.”

That’s right, no one has been fishing since last Thursday and it looks like no one will be going fishing for the rest of this week. We have a gale warning up through Tuesday and seas to six feet through Friday. Just hope it calms down by Sunday when black sea bass season opens.

Something to think about if you plan to fish on Sunday. The sea bass may still be out in deeper water since the inshore water is still pretty cold. I would try my inshore numbers first, I hate to run over fish, but if I didn’t mark fish and I didn’t catch any fish in the first few minutes, I would keep heading east.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.