WGMD Fishing Report 6-12-20


Thursday saw small craft advisories with the threat of thunderstorms and for the most part no one went fishing. 

The last of the 17,000 surf fishing permits were sold on Tuesday and no more will be available until December.  Social distancing is still in effect and the parks will limit the number of surf fishing vehicles when the distance between them cannot be kept at 20 yards.

A few reports from Wednesday.  The Captain Ike had a boat limit of golden and blueline tilefish.  The Gale Force had the Bdzil family back for a second trip.  They caught a bucket full of clams, some blues and rockfish and one flounder.  The Bill Slayer had a bigeye on Tuesday and two on Wednesday with a yellowfin.  J T and Nick DiGuglielmo caught yellowfin tuna, tilefish and released a hammerhead shark in the South Baltimore Canyon.  The No Limit had a 61-inch bigeye tuna.  From Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em we learned that a few keeper rockfish were caught by anglers drifting sand fleas at the Inlet on Wednesday night.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.