WGMD Fishing Report 6-17-19


Over Current pulled to the dock first today in a long line of yellow fin tuna to come ashore. Cory Gambacorda of Millsboro, DE, Brandon VanHorn of Clayton, DE, Brandon Ksiazek of Middletown, DE and Tony Benedetto of Smyrna, DE caught these while fishing at the Poor Man’s Canyon while trolling plastics.
Cory Walker of Wilm., DE and Charlie Boyles of Dover, DE brought the second Thresher shark to the docks at Hook ’em & Cook ’em on Saturday.
It weighed in at 430lbs and was caught by the boys on Hook It Up while fishing at the Old Grounds using bunker.

Sunday saw small craft advisories on the ocean and we didn’t get many reports. The early week looks like light southwest winds and incoming water in the morning.  This could provide decent fishing conditions for a change.  Then there are the thunderstorms.  Also be sure to have plenty of DEET bug spray as those flies and mosquitoes have been waiting for us all year.

There were two very big thresher sharks checked in at Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em on Saturday.  Cory Walker and Charlie Boyles brought in a 430 pounder on the Hook It Up.  They used a bunker at the Old Grounds to catch their big trophy.  An even bigger thresher shark was captured by Dave Twardowski, Chuck Esan and Frank Aruffo on the C-Monster.  Their fish tipped the scale at 528 pounds.  It too was caught at the Old Grounds, but took a mackerel filet.

Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina said the Surface Tension with Captain Keith Beebe brought in six yellowfins and a dolphin on Saturday from the canyons.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing Report.