WGMD Fishing Report 6-17-20


This 330lb mako shark was caught just east of the Baltimore
Canyon as it was chasing a school of bigeye tuna and took
off with a rigged ballyhoo. Capt. Eric Mooney, Mate Anthony
Cichocki and Angler Todd Middendorf and the rest of the
crew managed to get this monster aboard the Turn me

Tuesday was windy and cool and once again fishing was slow to almost stop. 

Lighthouse View Tackle on the fishing pier at Cape Henlopen State Park did see a few kings caught on Tuesday, but said the wind kept most anglers away.

Unfortunately, we have a second boating related death this year near Augustine Beach and during National Boating Week.  While I do not have all the details, it seems that three people were on a small boat that capsized in the Delaware River and only two were recovered alive.  While I don’t have the statistics to back up my assumption, I know from doing reports for many years it seems that this area has seen more boating accidents and deaths than any other location in Delaware.  People tend to go out in small boats with out wearing PFDs because the river looks calm.  Then a big ship goes by, the boat overturns and the people end up in the water and they die.  Please wear a PFD when you are on the water.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.