WGMD Fishing Report 6-21-21

This 88lb yellowfin tuna is the largest to date here at Hook ’em & Cook ’em. It was caught by Nicholas Farrow while fishing out near the Poor Man’s to the Washington Canyon trolling ballyhoo on the “War Pig” / Image courtesy Hook ’em & Cook ’em

Monday was cloudy with a brisk southwest wind. Tuesday will see west to northwest winds of 10 to 15 knots with gusts to 25 knots and three-to-four-foot seas with rain.

Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em reported the largest yellowfin tuna so far this year came in on the War Pig. The angler was Nick Farrow and the 88 pounder was caught on a ballyhoo between the Poorman’s and the Washington canyons. They also reported the first Spanish mackerel of the season were caught over the Fenwick Shoals on the Miss Ene and the Michael D. The Judy V had flounder and sea bass on her morning trip.

The Gale Force with Captain Aaron Heard had the McDonough group out in the morning and they caught seven keeper flounder and one bluefish.

At Lewes Harbour Marina the report was kings, trout and croaker on the Pirate King and the Angler. Marisa Pinkham fishing on the Knot Right caught a 4.95-pound flounder on a squid and minnow at the Old Grounds.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.