WGMD Fishing Report 6-27-18


Brad Fry, Capt. Rodney Meyers, Debbie Mumford, Chad Tingle, Julie Ellis-Hall, Dustin Baum, Stacy Green, Todd Green and Kenny Arnet all from the Lewes, DE area fished on the Last $ out from the Baltimore Canyon to the Poorman’s trolling ballyhoo and had a stellar day. They brought back 3 big eye tuna weighing in at 99.5lbs, 96.5lbs and 106.6lbs and 2 yellow fin tuna with the largest weighing in at 49.2lbs.

Tuesday morning was beautiful, but a strong southeast wind picked up as the day went on and made fishing difficult. 

Doug Elliott and I fished out of the Lewes Boat Ramp from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  We ran to the Ferry Wall where Doug caught a nice short rockfish and I had a short flounder.  We tried between the piers and the pilings at the end of the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier.  Nothing on our minnows and Gulp!.

The wind picked up and we headed for the Canal running against the outgoing current to the Savannah Road Bridge.  Fast drift back out.  I caught a 16-inch flounder and a short rock on peeler crab.

Zack Snow of York, PA and Ed Billet of Dover, PA, were using squid and shiners and caught these keeper flounder while fishing out at the Old Grounds on the Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams

Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina said keeper flounder were caught from the Canal.  I don’t believe him.  The Grizzly had a catch of bluefins.

The folks at Lighthouse View Tackle said two 18-inch flounder were caught from the pier.

Chris at Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em said a private boat brought in one bluefin and five yellowfin.

Clark at Old Inlet reported that there are croaker in the inlet on bloods and squid.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.