WGMD Fishing Report 7-31-22

Sunday was a bit breezy, but fish were caught.

Nick Garcia had a good weekend fishing Delaware Bay. On Saturday he and his cousin Caleb made it through a rough morning with the wind against the current to catch a 19-inch flounder, lots of small flounder, some bluefish, a 15-inch trout and some ribbonfish on a much smoother afternoon. On Sunday, Nick and Caleb had Nick’s girlfriend Vanessa and his grandfather out and they boxed two flounder to 20 inches, Caleb had a 20-inch trout, Nick had a 16-inch trout along with five blues and two ribbonfish.

At Lewes Harbour Marina we learned that the Katydid had flounder and the Surface Tension had flounder and sea bass over ocean structure.

Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em reported that the Captain Ike brought in blues and flounder from the ocean. The Bail Out had tuna and dolphin from the inshore lumps. Several private boats brought in sea bass and flounder from ocean structure.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.