WGMD Fishing Report 7-5-19


Thursday was another hot one with a slight shift in the wind to the east.  Fishing continued without much change.

Bluefin tuna are available at the inshore lumps such as Massey’s Canyon, the Hot Dog and the 19-Fathom Lump.  This is a reasonable run for trailer boats and with the nice weather we are having, now is the time to go.  Get there at day break and pull spreader bars, Green Machines and cedar plugs.  Good luck.

Kings continue to be caught from the beach on bloodworms or FishBite bloodworms.  You have to be there very early to beat the crowds, but the stage of the tide doesn’t seem to matter.  In the past few weeks I have caught them on the ebb and the flood.

The lower bay reef sites provide decent fishing for kings, trout, triggerfish and flounder.  Drifting over the different structure or anchoring on top of one piece will both work.  However, when the site is crowded, anchoring may not be a good idea.  Bloodworms, clam, minnows and squid have all produced decent results.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.