WGMD Fishing Report 7-7-18


Capt. Mike Martino took the crew from the “Pole Dancer” out to the Poor Man’s fishing and the lucky angler of the day of Kent Stapleford of Wilmington, DE. While using a pink and white Ilander he was able to hook up this 140.5 big eye tuna.

The first of the thunder, lightning and heavy rain hit before noon on Friday and if anyone went out ahead of that they were very sorry.  Small craft advisories are already up for Saturday and I expect them to continue into Sunday.  Then there is a possible tropical depression between Hatters and Bermuda that is expected to send us at least some big seas early in the week.  The good weather was nice while it lasted.

While fishing on Rigs Raft II, Kevin Rigsby of Germantown, MD caught
this 20″ flounder using Gulp bait in the Indian River.

The north to northeast wind will make it impossible to fish open water this weekend, but you might try the inlet rocks for croaker.  According to Old Inlet Bait and Tackle, croaker to 14 inches have been caught there on the southside by the campgrounds on bloodworms and squid.

I spoke with Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle and they told me the Park had closed the pier do to fear of lightning strikes.  I think that was a good idea for sure as God made little green apples, someone would go out there with a graphite fishing rod and prove once again Ben Franklin’s theory that lightning is actually electricity.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.