WGMD Fishing Report 8-11-20


Monday saw light winds and calm seas and that’s the forecast for the rest of the week.

A final report from the White Marlin Open shows the Canyon Blues in First Place with a 97-pound white marlin worth $1,850,000.  In Second Place was the Drillin’ and Billin’ with their 77-pound white worth $1,760,000. The Cristobel came in third with another 77 pounder worth a paltry $200,000.  The top tuna was caught on the Restless Lady and weighed 114.5 pounds.  Because no qualifying blue marlin was caught that money rolled over to the tuna category so the Restless Lady walked away with $1,400,000.

The Not Right out of Indian River won the Small Boat Division with a 72-pound white marlin and took home $100,000.  Swords Fish, also out of Indian River, had a 92-pound tuna worth $150,000.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.