WGMD Fishing Report 8-23-20


My hope for good weather on Thursday was not realized as Ric and I faced a stiff northeast wind and three to four-foot seas upon clearing Rudee Inlet.  We tried to troll for Spanish and king mackerel to no avail and after four hours we gave up.  I was the worst beating I have had in a very long time.

Friday was much better with a nice, light east wind and we went wreck fishing.  The first wreck we hit held flounder and black sea bass, but not the triggerfish I was hoping for. 

That changed at the second wreck.  As soon as my rig hit bottom, I set up on a nice trigger and the fun began.  We caught five or six good fish before they shut off.  Ric caught everything on a white bucktail with a strip of cobia belly.  I was using a top-bottom rig baited with FishBites or cobia belly.  The sea bass loved the FishBites, the triggerfish went after the cobia belly.  Ric out fished me using just the bucktail.  Of course, I taught him how to fish.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.