WGMD Fishing Report 8-4-22


Thursday was a hot day to go fishing.

The Bill Slayer had the Mills, Frye, Coulbourne party out on Wednesday and they managed to go 4 for 6 on yellowfin tuna and 4 for 4 on longfin albacore tuna trolling Sterling Tackle wide track spreader bars with Handbarrow Custom Bait skirted ballyhoo.

Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em told us that Jerry Hammond, Ronnie Mumford and Mickey Payne, all of Georgetown, fished Reef Site 10 with Gulp! on jigheads to catch eight flounder to 3.3 pounds. The Bail Out had Aaron Sandburg, Eddie Bishop, Curtis Ball, Frank Geck, Paul Tutsi and Lou Fisher offshore where they caught a 55-pound wahoo and yellowfin tuna weighing 45 and 55 pounds.

A freshwater report from Ed O’Donnell who fished the fly-fishing only section of White Clay Creek on Thursday morning. He caught lots of sunfish a few bass and one rainbow trout on a green weenie.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.