WGMD Fishing Report 8-7-19

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Tuesday morning was fine, but then some nasty little thunderstorms popped up and between the lightning and the heavy rain they put a stop to the fishing.

Speaking of lightning, two boys were struck by lightning last week while surf fishing in North Carolina.  Both will recover, but standing on an open beach with a ten to twelve-foot graphite pole in your hands is not the best idea when thunderstorms are about.

The White Marlin Open saw Priceless out of Indian River take over fifth place in the Tuna Division with a 64.5 pounder caught by 14-year-old Sean Garry.  The Shark Division is currently led by Polarizer with a 277.5 mako caught by Greg Robinson.  Chasin’ Tail is still in First Place with their 74-pound white marlin.

Old Inlet reported Gavin Campoli caught a 12-pound bluefish out of the Inlet on a sand flea.  They also reported blues and shad on incoming water on the more common baits of metal lures or shad darts.This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report