WGMD Fishing Report 9-1-18


Kevin Elden of Baltimore,MD on the Reel Ledo. 29.2 lbs. Caught on a naked ballyhoo at the Baltimore Canyon.

Saturday saw a steady northeast to east wind kick up the ocean and bay with most boats electing to stay at the dock.  The weather looks good for Sunday and Monday so the holiday weekend should provide good fishing opportunities.

When I stopped by Lewes Harbour Marina, Tony had his grill going full blast cooking pork chops and clams.  Since none of the Lewes boats left the dock he was not interrupted by fish cleaning requests.  There was a steady stream of onlookers checking out the Lewes Fire Boat that is now sitting on blocks in JB Walsh’s yard after sinking at its dock.  Apparently, there was a problem with the exhaust port that led to the sinking.

A stop at Lighthouse View Tackle on the fishing pier at Cape Henlopen State Park and a talk with Dave revealed a good spot bite with bloodworms the top bait.  A few croaker were mixed in the catch, but no mention was made of flounder.

At Old Inlet they said small blues came through the inlet on incoming water.  Small blues were also caught from the beach.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report