WGMD Fishing Report 9-20-19


John, Carmen and Christian Ostrowski of Chadds Ford, PA fished at the Wilmington Canyon using plastics like Mold Craft and a Hawaiian Lure to hook up with these 3 beautiful fish. 2 weighed 78lbs and one at 74lbs, they also brought in some mahi weighing up to 13lbs.

Small craft advisories remained up on Thursday and will be up through Friday.  No boats went out on Thursday and to the best of my knowledge fishing was unproductive for the few who gave it a try. 

The recent hurricane produced a nine-foot storm surge across the Point Lookout National Park that cut 54 new inlets between the ocean and the sound.  Fortunately, the park does not have the type of development we have between Rehoboth and Ocean City, but the structure of the barrier islands in relation to the back bays is about the same.  Those of us who remember the storm of ’62 know that was only a nor’easter.  Enjoy what we have now because sooner rather than later it will all wash away.

While we are on pleasant subjects, another death has been linked to the flesh-eating bacteria.  A fisherman in Virginia had a small cut on his leg, lost his leg than lost his life.  Do not take a chance.  Treat every cut as if it was life threatening.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report