WGMD Fishing Report 9-27-22


Tuesday saw decent weather, but not many boats fishing. This is typical for the fall, as most people are back to work or school and charter or head boats have a hard time filling spots. Unfortunately, this weekend will be as nasty as a cob and the fishing business will take another hit.

At Lewes Harbour Marina the report was the Katydid had a catch of flounder and sea bass over ocean structure. The Angler worked bay structure for a catch of spot. Private boats fished the Outer Wall for tog.

No one answered the phone at Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em. There are two possibilities; one, they were all too busy cleaning fish (unlikely). Two; they went home early due to a lack of fish (probable).

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle said blues were caught from the surf on mullet. I asked if the blues were big? The answer was no. They did say a few red drum were caught from the jetty on sand fleas. I will be there today.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.