WGMD Fishing Report 9-8-18


The crew from the “Still Lucky” managed to bring in a nice load of blue line tile fish from the Baltimore Canyon deep dropping whole squid. Four of their fish weighed over 15lbs and received citations for 16.6lbs, 17.2lbs, 19.9lb and 20.2lb.
Pictured are Marty Henderson, Jeremy LeBeau, Jeremy Jr., Allen Carmichael, Michael Hawkins and Capt. Steve Danner.

Saturday saw lousy weather conditions and it’s only going to get worse and that’s before the hurricane hits later in the week.  Once the weather calms down I think you can count on some major changes in the local fishing.  I suspect we won’t be seeing many dolphin on the inshore grounds as that 80 degree water we had will be gone.  On the plus side, cooler water could mean the return of tuna to the inshore lumps such as Massey’s Canyon and the Hot Dog.  As to where the flounder and sea bass will show up, your guess is as good as mine.  Fall is when flounder spawn in the ocean so it’s possible we could see some larger fish at the Old Grounds.  Croaker also spawn in the fall so they might make a good showing at the Croaker Canyon off of the Old Coast Guard Station or over rough bottom at B Buoy.  Fall is the time of year when white marlin go on a feeding spree in the canyons.  This is particularly true just before and after a hard northeast blow.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report