WGMD Fishing Report 9-9-18


Warren Myers of Dagsboro, DE caught his limit of flounder while fishing out at the Old Grounds using bucktails and Gulp baits. His heaviest fish weighed 3.3lbs and 3.2lbs.

Sunday was just a nasty day.  Rain and wind plus cool temperatures kept any sensible angler indoors.  And it’s only going to get worst.  On Monday inshore seas will be eight to ten feet.  Tuesday the seas will drop down to five feet then back up to six feet on Wednesday.  Things really get interesting on Thursday when the seas will build to 11 feet then go up to 12 feet on Friday.  Of course, all of this is accompanied by wind and rain.

I think it is safe to say that this week will also see major beach erosion and tidal flooding.  If your trailer boat is in the water, get it out.  I had a boat sink on me at the slip when the rain built up in the cover and pushed the hull below the scuppers.  Don’t take a chance.  Get it out and on the trailer.  I am sure owners of big boats already have a plan for avoiding the storm. About the only thing fishermen can do when the weather is this bad is prepare their tackle for the fall run.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report