WGMD Radio Flea Market 6-23-18


Fred Frederica 845-239-2525c
– Sun Dolphin Bally 10SS 10′ Kayak incl. paddle and life jacket $100

Matt Milford 302-423-7810
WANTS TO BUY: 1 or 2 window a/c units

Dom Ocean View 302-362-3179
– 1930s era original 2-man hand saw, 4′ long $100

Steve Milford 302-632-9881 (please leave message)
– Sun Dolphin pedal boat for 4 people, canopy, etc. $250 obo

Sun Dolphin pedal boat for 4 people with canopy

Glenn Lewes 302-200-7101
WANTS TO BUY: Ping pong table