What Happened to This Past Weekend’s Biden Visit?

Despite what Karine Jean-Pierre, Pres. Biden’s deputy press secretary, said during her July 30 press briefing, the President did not return to Rehoboth this past weekend. The expectant visit had been reported by the local and international press. But Pres. Biden went to Wilmington, again! So far, he has only visited Rehoboth once since taking office. This was his visit to the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center on June 4.

AP reported this past Friday that the President will spend some of this week “at the White House before he decamps again, either for Delaware — he also owns a home in Rehoboth Beach — or Camp David.” So far, we have not seen the advance teams, support vehicles and personnel here in Rehoboth that would be typical of a coming Presidential visit. But last Thursday the Presidential HMX-1 Marine helicopter squadron practiced nighttime landings on the Gordon’s Pond parking lot. Photos are on the Rehoboth Beach VFC website.

Earlier this summer multiple sources reported that he intended to be here more often than in Wilmington. So what happened?