"Many a small thing had been made large by the right kind of advertising"


Advertising... What is it?

Advertising, in the purest sense, is nothing more than conveying a message that you have something that you would like others to partake of.

What Advertising Can do for Your Business?

  • Advertising can Establish and Maintain your Identity (Branding) by constantly reminding consumers about the benefits of your company, product or service.
  • Attract new customers and encourage existing customers to buy more of what you sell.
  • Enhance your reputation and dispel misconceptions that consumers may have about your business.
  • Consistent and Frequent advertising will give you the competitive edge to build sales and increase your bottom line.

4 Focal Points in Determining Advertising Direction

  • What is my product or service?
  • Who are the potential users of my product or service?
  • What message would I like to convey to those potential users of my product or service?
  • What vehicle (media) offers me a good potential of reaching my¬†target audience?
    "Target Audience" - The potential users of your product or service.

The 4 Basic Fundamental of Results Driven Advertising

  • RESONANCE¬†- "Engaging Creative". Deliver a clear, concise message that relates¬†directly to your potential customer and the benefit for them to choose your business.¬†Make the first line of your ad entice the listener to want to hear the second line.¬†Limit your ad to one core message and one call to action¬†(call us, stop in, visit website).¬†Cramming too much information into an ad will lose the attention of the listener.
  • REACH¬†- Choosing a vehicle (media) that will offer the potential of having your¬†message reach a significant number of potential users of your product or service.
  • FREQUENCY¬†- Getting your message out there as many times per¬†day as possible. If¬†you ever raised children, you know the necessity of repetition to get a response.
  • CONSISTENCY¬†- Maintain a consistent long term advertising presence to Establish¬†and Maintain your Identity.¬† Consistency keeps your business "Top of Mind" with¬†consumers.¬†¬†Absence of Presence gives your competition the competitive edgeas¬†they remain committed to Consistency in their advertising.

Why Choose WGMD?

  • HISTORY -¬†WGMD has served our listening area since 1980. We are well branded¬†in our community with a loyal listener base and THE source for "newcomers" to¬†become familiar with our community and our merchants. WGMD's longevity is the¬†result of long term, consistent advertisers who have found WGMD to be an effective¬†advertising vehicle.
  • FORMAT -¬†WGMD's "Interactive" News Talk, Lifestyle Talk and Sports Talk format¬†attracts more than just listeners; they are "Radio Fans". They are more attentive to the ¬†programming content, therefore more attentive to the advertising. Research indicates that commercials played in a Talk Format have approximately 2 to 3 times the impact compared to a music format. Over the past several years, studies of radio listeners indicate the Talk Format Audience is very politically active, has a higher level of education, is more economically affluent, consumes a wide variety of goods and¬†services and prone to charitable activities and charitable donations.
  • LOCAL FOCUS¬†- WGMD's programming is extensively "LIVE and LOCAL",¬†allowing more flexibility and creativity with advertising venues to better serve the¬†needs of our business community.
  • MULTIPLE MEDIA PLATFORMS¬†- Aside from on air broadcasting on 92.7 FM,¬†WGMD's programming is simulcast in "real time" on numerous platforms:¬†Streaming on; Tune-In Radio for internet and mobile devices; AHA¬†Radio, the latest technology for automotive listening; Zeno Radio, a dial in listening¬†service (302 781- 8267) and the WGMD APP, a free download accessible to Android¬†and IOS.¬†Our advertisers are heard on our multiple platforms just as they are¬†heard on our "airwaves" at No Additional or Separate Cost to our advertisers.¬†WGMD's popular website,, is an effective media to gain exposure for¬†your business with direct link to your business website. Presence on is¬†included in many of our advertising plans.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING¬†- WGMD does not charge any additional or separate¬†charges for Talent fees, Production fees, or Ad Change fees.
  • KNOWLEDGABLE SALES STAFF¬†- WGMD's Marketing Consultants are trained¬†and knowledgeable in advertising fundamentals to assist and guide you in creating a¬†marketing plan, effective ad copy and advertising schedules to provide you the most¬†potential for your advertising investment. You choose what days you want your ads to¬†run and we do not limit your Ad Schedule to specific weeks within the month.