Wicomico Co. Schools Update Reopening Plans


Wicomico County Public Schools are welcoming groups of students for in-person instruction.
Pre-K kids are among the first to re-enter school buildings after an online start to the school year.
For health and safety, only students will be allowed to enter classrooms with their teachers.
However, school nurses will be available to meet with families in the lobbies to handle issues about medications or other health concerns.
More grade levels will also be coming back for classroom instruction in Wicomico County, although middle-schoolers and high school students will not return until early 2021.

Wicomico County Schools released these guidelines Thursday:

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the following rules are in place for all schools to limit potential exposure to the virus and to support accurate contact tracing if needed:

 Only students will be admitted to school buildings for classes. No one else, including
parents/guardians or other authorized emergency contacts, may accompany students to the
classroom or enter the school.
 If bringing a student after the school day is underway, or picking up the student before the
school day is done, a parent/guardian or other authorized emergency contact will speak with
office staff through the front door call box. Office staff will note the date, time, student’s name,
name of person dropping off or picking up, and reason for late arrival/early pickup. Students
dismissed during the school day will be escorted to the front door by a staff member, and
released only to someone authorized to pick up the student.
 School nurses will meet with families in the lobby, secure entry vestibule or outside to receive
medication orders, count medication, and communicate with families. Families will not visit the
health suite. Please remember that in order to provide medication to be kept in the health suite
for a student, or for a student to self-carry, the parent/guardian must provide a completed
Maryland State School Medication Authorization Form.
 When a school door is opened to admit an individual student or someone approved through the
front door call box to visit the office, only that person may enter. For safety reasons, each
individual student (outside of normal arrival times) and visitor will be considered separately for
admission to the building.