Wicomico County Council Approves $193 Million Dollar Budget – 6 Percent Salary Increases for County Employees


The Wicomico County Council has approved the Fiscal Year 24 Budget. Some of the major highlights of the FY 24 budget include a 6% pay increase for most County employees and a higher wage scale for sworn law enforcement officers as part of an amended Collective Bargaining Agreement. The $193 Million Dollar Budget, which is 11.7 percent higher than last year’s budget, also provides for a decrease in the real property tax rate of approximately two cents.

Additional Information:

(3) Board of Education – Funding in the amount of $58 Million,
which includes $800,000 above Maintenance of Effort;

(4) FY 24 Capital Improvement Projectsin the amount of $17 Million (General Fund, Pay-Go Funding);

(5) Increase funding to the
Wicomico County Public Library- $1.7 Million; and

(6) Increase funding to City of Salisbury
Fire/EMS – $1,000,000.

The County Council is pleased to provide an additional Three Percent (3%) pay increase
to what was proposed in the County Executive’s budget; bringing the total salary increase to Six
Percent (6%) for most county employees for fiscal year 2024. Salary increases were a top priority for the County Council during this budget cycle due to the increased cost of living as a result
of high inflation drastically impacting Wicomico County residents over these past couple of
years. We consider our County employees a valuable asset and feel they should be compensated
fairly for the excellent services they provide. We would also like to thank all the department
heads and staff members for their collaborative efforts during the budget process.