Wicomico County Executive Asks Council President to Step Down

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is at odds with the County Council President John Cannon. Culver sent a 3 page letter to Cannon asking him to step down from the leadership post and accused Cannon of interfering with the county executive’s functions and spreading false information.

Although Culver asked Cannon to step down from the position of Council President, he did not request that he resign from council. Cannon reportedly says he has no plans to step down from the position or the council. Reports now indicate the County Council has sent a letter of it’s own to Executive Culver saying in part “There will be no change in county council leadership” and “The county executive’s call for the council president to step down is completely inappropriate.” The letter also said “The county executive has no role to play in the internal workings of the county council.”

Both Culver and Cannon are Republicans.