Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis Appears at The White House


Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis was among several members of law enforcement to join President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon, as he signed a veto of a Congressional effort to override his national emergency declaration.

Sheriff Lewis says he was invited to the event late Thursday evening. In the Oval Office the Sheriff said “Mr. President, I can’t thank you enough on behalf of America’s Sheriffs.” He continued “This is not political propaganda. We have a dire crisis on our Southwest border and America’s Sheriffs stand behind the President of the United States 100 percent. He has had our back, he’s had the American’s back, and we stand behind you silently for what you’re doing here today. This is unprecedented for a President to take this type of action.” The Sheriff continued to salute the President following his remarks.

President Trump’s veto follows the House and Senate both voting against his national emergency declaration. In the Republican-majority Senate, the vote was 59 to 41, meaning some Republicans voted against the declaration. This is also the first veto of the Trump Presidency.

Sheriff Mike Lewis is scheduled to be a guest on Mike Bradley and the Morning Team on Monday morning in the 7 a.m. hour on 92.7 FM WGMD, WGMD.com and the WGMD app.