Wicomico County State of the Schools Address


Wicomico County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin delivered her State of the Schools address on Monday.

Image courtesy Wicomico County Public Schools

The Superintendent declared that the county’s schools are on the right track, but she says she hopes to elevate their performance with what she’s calling the “Imagine 2022” plan. The three-pronged plan aims to increase accessibility to universal pre-Kindergarten, decrease teacher turnover rates and increase high school graduation rates.

Hanlin also confronted the controversy surrounding the recent arrest of a guidance counselor at James M. Bennett High School. On January 12, Allen Edward Mitchell was charged on rape and child pornography charges. This led to the suspension of the school’s principal and vice principal, both placed on administrative leave. Dr. Hanlin stressed that she was devastated just as it has affected students, parents and district personnel. Although she says due to legal constraints, she cannot comment directly on the case. The Superintendent said “Thank you for understanding that I will not speak to personnel matters nor will I interfere with the current ongoing investigation by making further comments.”

Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin has held the position since July 1, 2016 and this is her second annual State of the Schools address.