Wilmington Man Arrested in Rehoboth on Drug & Weapons Offenses

Image courtesy Rehoboth Beach Police Department

A Wilmington man has been arrested by Rehoboth Beach Police on drug and weapons charges after he reportedly pointed a gun out the window of a vehicle. Police were called to the parking lot of Port 251 at Rehoboth and Lake Avenues after two employees of the business spotted a car in the private parking lot and contacted those in the vehicle to see if they were customers. It was then that 18 year old Joseph Ramos of Wilmington pointed a gun out the window at them. Police say Ramos was in possession of a replica Smith & Wesson M&P 40 “Military Police” BB gun that was loaded with metal BBs. He also had brass knuckles, a counterfeit controlled substance, a small amount of cocaine, a civil amount of suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Ramos is charged with:

  • 1 count of possession with intent to deliver a counterfeit controlled substance – a felony
  • 2 counts of second degree reckless endangering
  • 1 count of carrying a concealed dangerous instrument
  • 2 counts of possession of a controlled or counterfeit substance without a prescription
  • 1 count of possession of drug paraphernalia unrelated to marijuana
  • 1 count of disorderly conduct

Ramos was also charged with three civil violations:

  • private use/consumption of marijuana
  • possession of paraphernalia related to marijuana
  • underage possession/consumption of alcohol.

A bail hearing was held at JP Court #3 and Ramos was released on $5775 unsecured bail.