Worcester Co. Brands As “Maryland’s Coast”


A six-month outreach and engagement effort has resulted in a new ‘place brand’ for Worcester County: “Maryland’s Coast.”

Tourism and Economic Development Director Tom Perlozzo said Wednesday that “Maryland Coast” embraces Worcester County’s “most recognized and distinguishing physical characteristic” – The Atlantic Ocean and its status as the only place in Maryland where land meets the ocean.

“Every place, whether large or small, is challenged to answer one simple question: Why choose here?” Perlozzo said. “Maryland’s Coast embraces Worcester’s most recognized and distinguishing physical characteristic – The Atlantic – the only place in the state where ocean meets the land.”

A new logo and the brand will be part of a variety of marketing efforts. It also has a tagline : “Naturally Cool.”

“We’re a place where you go from rural to resort in five minutes and farm, fish, golf and surf within, a five-mile radius,” Worcester County Tourism Director Melanie Pursel said. “You can enjoy coastal beaches, explore cypress forests, experience beach resort nightlife or find space for quiet retreat. Our citizens live, work and play in a vacation area with a small town feel and big town resources.”

The months of research, according to tourism officials, indicated that residents and visitors value the region’s natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle, “close knit communities,” and the beaches, bays and waterways.