Worcester Co. Preserves More Open Space


Worcester County conserves an additional 1,801 acres of land through three new permanent easements this summer.

The purchase price was $1.8-million.

Two of the properties are in the Dividing Creek Watershed in the Dividing Creek Rural Legacy Area. The third is in the Coastal Bays Rural Legacy Area.

Worcester County Environmental Programs and the Board of Public Works say these land purchases preserve the properties in perpetuity for farmland, timberland, wildlife habitat and natural shoreline, ensuring that they will not be developed.

“Preserving and protecting contiguous, productive, and valuable farm and forest land in cooperation with private landowners and farmers is the objective of this program,” Planner Katherine Munson said. “This supports our local agricultural industries and helps ensure generations to come will have these limited resources available.”

The R.L.A. program was established by the State of Maryland in 1997.