World War II Tower 3 Open to the Public

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L to R: DSPF Board Members Ernie Felici, Shirley Price, Judy Henninger, Mary Lou Tietz, Larry Brown and Hal Dukes / Image courtesy DSPF

After 15 years and $1.7-million in renovations and repairs, World War II Tower 3 at the Delaware Seashore State Park has opened to the public. An open house was held Saturday and those visiting have full access to the top of the tower for 360-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean, the State Park and Delaware’s inland bays.

The rehabilitation of this WWII fire control tower was conceived approximately 15 years ago by DSPF Board Members Shirley Price,Ernie Felici and John Hiott, whereas a memorandum of understanding, the first ever by Delaware Friends Groups, was adopted between DSPF, Fort Miles Historical Association and Delaware State Parks. The DSPF Board insisted that the restoration must include full access to the top of the tower with free of charge access to all!

WWII Fire Control Tower 3 was built to help protect the Delaware coastline during WWIl.