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Tuesday, December 12, 2017



Resort Broadcasting, Co., LLC wishes to thank all the listeners and merchants we reach. Resort Broadcasting operates multiple venues to provide local news, national news, international news, weather, traffic and sports, quality programming and serves as marketing consultants to the merchants of Delmarva. In the not too distant past, a radio station had a reach limited by its license granted by the FCC. Today, with the use of the Internet, the reach of any media outlet is only limited by the quality of its products. The WGMD team understands the different properties and how they work together as marketing tools for the merchants of Delmarva.


Using electronic technology, WGMD is a modern forum much like the forums of antiquity, providing a marketplace for ideas and commerce essential for the safety, growth and happiness of our community.


The quest for virtue guides our operation. We treat each other, and those we serve, with respect. What we can become requires the commitment of each of us. We provide an environment encouraging life-long growth. In an era of change, we respond in innovative ways. We treasure our unique leadership position in the community.


To be the primary advertising medium for our communities. To increase the profits of our advertisers and our company.
To attract the very best people and give them the opportunity to grow.

WGMD FM 92.7 and WGMD.COM are properties of Resort Broadcasting, LLC and referred to hereafter as WGMD.