“A Tree For Every Delawarean” Initiative Takes Root


A tree for every Delawarean…

In an effort to plant more trees and mitigate the impact of carbon emissions in The First State, the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture will coordinate a new website where residents can find information about selecting, planting and caring for trees. Also, Delawareans, non-profits and municipalities will be able to find and share information about various tree-planting activities.

“Last week, when I announced Delaware’s Climate Action Plan, I said that as the country’s lowest-lying state, climate change is a very real threat to Delaware’s future,” Governor John Carney said Tuesday during a ceremony in New Castle County. “Reducing emissions is essential to our efforts to deal with climate change, and the Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative – TEDI – helps us move forward on accomplishing one of the strategies outlined in the Climate Action Plan.”

The Delaware Forest Service also provides technical assistance, funding and education about tree planting, conservation and forest management. Delaware has about 360,000 forested acres, and 78-percent of the state’s forests are privately owned.

“We are proud to have the Delaware Forest Service as part of the Department of Agriculture. With fewer than 25 staff, the Forest Service continually works with communities and private landowners all over Delaware to harness the power of trees to transform communities,” Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse said. “The Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative is an important investment in our state’s forestland that will help improve our economy and public health. Every $1 million invested in tree planting and reforestation efforts creates 40 forest-related jobs. And from a health perspective, research has shown that trees absorb 17.4 million tons of air pollutants a year, helping to prevent 670,000 cases of asthma and other acute respiratory symptoms annually.”

“Along with our programs that help Delawareans reduce their energy use, TEDI provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute to our statewide effort to improve air and water quality, preserve soil, and support wildlife – all while reducing the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change,” Delaware Natural Resources Secretary Shawn Garvin said.

To access the TEDI website, please CLICK HERE

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