Gypsy Moth Activity on the Increase in Sussex County

State Forest officials have detected an increase in gypsy moth activity in Sussex County. They say about 825 acres of defoliation has been seen around the Cypress Swamp in Gumboro and the Nanticoke Wildlife Area west of Laurel. Last year only about 12 acres was impacted. The Gypsy Moth is an invasive species. Information from…

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“A Tree For Every Delawarean” Initiative Takes Root

Photo courtesy of Gov. John Carney's office

A tree for every Delawarean… In an effort to plant more trees and mitigate the impact of carbon emissions in The First State, the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture will coordinate a new website where residents can find information about selecting, planting and caring for trees. Also, Delawareans, non-profits and municipalities will…

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Del. Fire Companies Get Grants To Help Combat Wildfires

DE Wildland Fire Crew

Local fire companies are receiving grants of up to $4,500 for purchase of wildfire-related tools and equipment. The funding is part of more than $40,000 in matching grants from the Delaware Forest Service to 14 fire companies. Special pumps, hoses and other equipment will help firefighters as they respond to suppress wildfires in the area.…

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New DE Wildland Fire Crew in California

The Delaware Forest Service’s Type 6 engine remains in California, but is now manned by a new three-person crew. DEMA’s Nikki Testa is an engine boss trainee, Erich Burkentine of the Delaware Forest Service is the engine boss and Hunter Melson of Milford is a firefighter type 2. This crew began working Saturday with a…

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