Biden’s Eighth Visit Brings out the Protesters


President Joe Biden returned this past weekend for his eighth visit since entering office and his third so far this season. This visit, unlike most of the others, was accompanied by several protest incidents.

The President’s helicopter landed at Gordon’s Pond at 8:11 p.m. Friday.

Photo courtesy Eric Allen

Hours earlier, DNREC park rangers investigated “climate” graffiti spray-painted in the Gordon’s Pond parking lot — where he landed — and on the nearby trail. This is the same area where Pres. Biden fell from his bike during his previous visit.

Capt. John McDerby of the Delaware Natural Resources Police says they received a report that individuals had spray-painted the graffiti around 8:30 a.m. that day.

Park rangers found several different locations where “climate” messages were left for the President. Capt. McDerby says this incident is under investigation and the graffiti had been removed by park staff prior to the President’s arrival.

On Saturday, the “Trump Truck” was parked all day on Rehoboth Avenue at Second Street. Some people were horrified, others, amused. At least one person complained to the police while others took photos and selfies. But the Dodge Ram was legally parked, appears to have current registration and somebody had been paying for its parking. President Biden’s 17-vehicle motorcade passed right by the truck en route to the 4 p.m. mass at St. Edmond’s.

On Sunday, this¬†nine-vehicle caravan¬†from¬†The Peoples’ Convoy-Delaware¬†with participants from adjacent states arrived in Rehoboth and headed for the President’s beach house. Police stopped them at Columbia Avenue and Surf Avenue. They eventually negotiated their way to¬†Gordon’s Pond¬†where they took to the beach. They live-streamed their progress for almost¬†four hours¬†on¬†Facebook.

Kim Wills, leader of the group, said they are protesting COVID emergency orders, gas reserves sent overseas and demanded Constitutional accountability.

All-day all weekend-long, a refueling jet circled the area from Maryland to New Jersey providing fuel to the fighter jets flying the combat air patrols. The refuelers came from as far as Pittsburgh and New England and flew just above 20,000 feet.

Photo courtesy ADSB Exchange

The President departed Gordon’s Pond just before 8 p.m. on Sunday. Spectators gathered on the beach near the landing zone to watch.

Photo courtesy Mark Giuliani, The Talk of Delmarva