Climate Activists Return to Rehoboth, March to Biden’s Beach House


For the second time this summer, climate activists chose to protest in Rehoboth Beach because it is the location of Biden’s vacation home. This time they marched to the President’s beach house where they chanted and posed for photographs. Rehoboth Beach, state police and Secret Service vehicles parked along the side of the street so…

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Biden’s Eighth Visit Brings out the Protesters


President Joe Biden returned this past weekend for his eighth visit since entering office and his third so far this season. This visit, unlike most of the others, was accompanied by several protest incidents. The President’s helicopter landed at Gordon’s Pond at 8:11 p.m. Friday. Photo courtesy Eric Allen Hours earlier, DNREC park rangers investigated “climate” graffiti spray-painted in the Gordon’s…

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GOP Supporters Hit With Eggs At Wilmington-Area Rally

Route 2 and Route 7

A pre-election rally near Wilmington resulted in three juveniles and three adults being ‘egged’ over the weekend. According to Delaware State Police, it happened during a pro-Republican rally Sunday in the parking lot of Crossroads Restaurant on Kirkwood Highway in the Milltown area. Three male suspects tossed the eggs from the window of a passing…

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