Bill Limiting Sugary Drinks in Kid’s Meals Goes to Governor’s Desk


The Delaware Senate voted 16-5 on Thursday to approve a bill limiting the inclusion of soda and other sugary drinks in children’s meals.

House Bill 79 would direct the state’s Department of Health and Social Services to create and enforce standards that regulate sugary drinks for children. Specifically, they would require restaurants to offer children’s meals as a combination of food and beverage, sold together at a single price, to include healthier beverages as the default. Parents could still request a sugary drink like soda but a healthier option like water or milk would be offered as the default.

“We know that sugary drinks like soda are a major health risk.” said Senator Laura Sturgeon, a Democrat from Brandywine who sponsored the bill in the Senate.

The bill now heads to Governor John Carney’s desk for his signature.